Derwent Valley Horse Riders Association

About Us:

Formed in 1990, the Derwent Valley Horse Riders Association is a small, friendly, enthusiastic club that combines an interest in horses with social and informative activities. 

Our membership fee is very reasonable and gives you the opportunity to take out EA Public Liability Insurance, allowing you to access EA NCAS Coaches.  You will receive a regular monthly newsletter covering horse care tips, club classified ads, coming club events, news and reports.  Members also have access to the centrally located Kensington Park Equestrian Centre facilities. 

Non-members are welcome to attend club events but are required to sign an EA Waiver and pay a day insurance fee.

Our General Meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month at which everyone is welcome to attend.  The monthly newsletter is sent out the week after the meetings.  

We also have a facebook page - Derwent Valley Horse Riders Association (

KENSINGTON PARK EQUESTRIAN CENTRE: In conjunction with the Derwent Pony Club we have developed equestrian facilities at Kensington Park in New Norfolk, which at present offers a full-sized all-weather arena, yards and tie-rails, plenty of parking space, storage/shelter shed, picnic area and the beginnings of a cross-country course. 

Our club events are many and varied and we try hard to satisfy all members equestrian interests. For example;

TRAIL RIDES: We don't concentrate solely on the Derwent Valley for our trail rides, we travel near and far.  Members input is invaluable for places to ride and we are always willing to explore.  Most trail rides are short or long day rides but we also organise overnight rides.  We believe in setting a pace that is comfortable for everyone's different skill levels by organising faster rides for the more experienced and genuine moderately paced trail rides for those who like to take it at a more leisurely pace.  The pace and length of our rides is stated in the monthly newsletter as well as a contact person for more information.  

EDUCATION DAYS: We run Education Day's on the third Sunday of every month at the Derwent Equestrian Centre.  Qualified EFA NCAS instructors hold group lessons in flatwork and poles/jumping.  The Education Day Co-ordinator will arrange them according to you and your horse's skill level and we try to have no more than three in a lesson. 

SOCIAL EVENTS: Every year we hold at least one Quiz Night and have an absolute ball!  It's not as scary as you think.  Each member just takes along 10 horsey questions to challenge the others with, we supply a horsey prize for the winner and of course have the inevitable wooden spoon.   Video Nights are another social evening and between members we have quite a range of videos/DVD's to choose from.  A couple of times a year we have a fun night at the pacing - so far the 'big win' has eluded us!  We also hold a Suggestions BBQ every year where members get together for a social evening and put forward their ideas of what they would like to see the club doing.

STUD TOURS: The majority of studs are very agreeable to showing off their horses for us and it's always lovely to meet the breeders who are so passionate about their work.  So far we have visited Clydesdales, Arabians, Appaloosas, Friesians, Standardbreds and Thoroughbreds with many more studs yet to visit.

PLAY DAYS: We'll have a go at damn near anything, in hand and ridden!  Our member's interests vary greatly so we have a broad range of themes to choose from.  We have played with Pony Club Games, Mini Western Trail Courses, Precision Riding and more.  A few of our members have young horses and use these low-key days to bring them along for the experience.

MINI-CLINICS: There is always something to be learnt or reminded about when you're involved with horses.  Mini-clinics we have run so far have been Hoof Care with Leigh Martin, Natural Horsemanship with Ian Leighton, Microchipping with New Norfolk Vet Clinic, Equine Dentistry with Warwick Morgan and Equine Massage with Emma Coombes.  These will be run again in the future as well as others in the planning.

As you can see we love to get out and about!  We welcome all enquiries so feel free to contact our Secretary Janine White on 62615901 or  We look forward to hearing from you!